Jr. Registrar –Radiation Oncology

Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad

Jr. Registrar –Radiation Oncology

Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad
Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad

Job description:

Clinical Invasive Management

  • Inserts central venous catheter*
  • Performs oral endotracheal intubation
  • Performs nasogastric intubation
  • Inserts urethral catheter
  • Insert chest tube*                    

General Responsibilities;

  • Follow the Duties and responsibilities of the physician in general (as given in Doctor’s Handbook)
  • To abide by the policies laid down by the Infection Control Committee.
  • Follow the protocols and policies as stated in the Doctor’s handbook


Key Responsibilities:

Cognitive Clinical Management:

  • Perform and document history & physical examination
  • Formulate differential diagnosis
  • Develops and documents initial plan of care*
  • Modifies daily plan of care*
  • Writes daily progress notes
  • Obtain and document informed consent
  • Perform preoperative work up*
  • Order appropriate referrals*
  • Order appropriate investigations*
  • Interpret hemodynamic parameters in critically ill patients*
  • Interpret laboratory & radiology results*
  • Orders transfusions of blood and blood products*
  • Order appropriate medication and other orders*
  • Prepare an appropriate discharge summary

Clinical Non-invasive Management

  • Perform digital rectal examination
  • Perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
  • Orders, adjusts artificial feeding modalities

Key Skills:

Functional Areas:




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