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Agm - Academic Partnership - E-Learning

Medvarsity Online Ltd

Agm - Academic Partnership - E-Learning

Medvarsity Online Ltd
Medvarsity Online Ltd

Job description:

We are looking to hire an experienced candidate with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. The medical content team at Medvarsity is responsible for the development of various e-learning and blended learning courses. The team has a mix of people with diverse skills including project managers, medical writers, medical reviewers, instructional designers, graphic designers, and video editors. We are looking for a dynamic medical professional to join this team as AGM - Content/Delivery Head and to lead the content development process. The ideal candidate must be passionate about medical education and have the potential to help generate high-quality medical content required for various healthcare education courses. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage the content team working on the development of learning materials of various Medvarsity courses. 
  • Develop course structures and curriculums for different e-learning and blended learning courses.
  • Perform medical review for the content authored by internal and external medical writers. 
  • Supervise the development of various multimedia learning materials such as videos, animations and interactive lessons. 
  • Liaison with different subject matter experts (SMEs) for content or video lectures for the courses.
  • Interact with various academic partners on matters related to curriculum, content and other academic matters. 
  • Responsible for maintaining the course development timelines and release dates as planned. 
  • Required to lead eLearning teams to develop exceptional eLearning content


  • Medical qualification (MBBS or above) is preferred but any other Post graduates can apply
  • 12-15 years of elearning design and development experience with atleast 4+ years of managing custom content team(s) for global audience
  • Must have team-management experience in a Medical writing company/Pharmaceutical/KPO


Location: Hyderabad

Key Skills:

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